We provide services to agencies and institutions that plan to carry out the daily activities of a program. With years of experience as a guide, Penguin Consulting can help refine the evaluation questions of interest and identify the best methods for collecting valuable data to answer them.

  • Focusing an Evaluation – We work with clients to jointly identify areas of inquiry and apply rigorous methods to produce credible evidence that can be used to inform decisions.
  • Intervention and Materials Development– We develop innovative, theory-based resources to change factors that influence behavior.
  • Program Planning – We excel at creating a plan to move from an existing level of health to a better one, and then map out the steps to get there. These plans can be used in grant proposals or by organizations planning how to collect data to answer important social questions
  • Development of Evaluation Systems – We have extensive experience developing evaluation systems beginning with interpreting a funder’s requirements and securing stakeholder buy-in to reporting and using the findings.