Penguin Consulting carries out evaluation activities that facilitate inquiry for the purpose of generating knowledge to promote learning. This contributes to an expanded understanding of what a program is, what happens when it is implemented and the meaning of its implementation for the individuals, organizations and communities impacted by it. Penguin’s work promotes ongoing organizational learning and sparks individual’s interest and curiosity to continue inquiry. Penguin provides follow-up to facilitate the use evaluation findings. We provide the following services to facilitate inquiry or systematically collect data to answer questions.

  • Focus Groups – We investigate norms, opinions, and perceptions to guide the creation of materials and messages.
  • Key Informant Interviews – Collect information from individuals to guide service delivery, materials development, and improve organizational behavior.
  • Process Evaluation – Penguin enjoys the challenge of describing the nature of an intervention, i.e. determining if the program is being done as it’s supposed to be done?
  • Outcome and Impact Evaluation – We excel at assessing change resulting from program implementation.
  • Data analysis and report writing – We enjoy answering questions with a mix of quantitative and qualitative data and then using creative, engaging, and interactive mechanisms to report findings to those impacted by the program.